At Westgate House we believe that each resident is a unique individual and deserves to be acknowledged as such. The skilled team of nurses and carers identify each residents particular circumstances and work out the most appropriate and effective ways to help residents with any problems.

Flexibility and freedom of choice are the watchwords at Westgate House. A resident here can rest assured that they will be safe and generally cared for and their rights will be protected and encouraged.

Westgate House is committed to ‘continuing care’ Care for Life. This concept permits residents to live at their own pace and to receive graduated levels of care as and when required, from assisted living to total care.

We believe Westgate House offers security and peace of mind not only for residents but for family and caring friends as well. Everything can be provided for residents from laundry to cooking, from home maintenance to home cleanliness. More capable residents may wish to maintain certain respondsibilities themselves, this isencouraged and supported.

Westgate House offers individual care for individual people.