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Not all nursing homes should be condemned
“At the moment there is, rightly in my opinion, some considerable discussion of the treatment of old people. My mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, has been in a nursing home for more than three years now. We tried to support her at home for as long as possible but when it became apparent that we were failing it became necessary to look unto the possibility of permanent care in a home.

We visited many on her behalf and lots of them were not suitable in as much as we would not allow our mother to go into them. In one the patients were kept on the first floor. At another the patients were herded together into a very small room by one poor carer where their distress was obvious.

I might add, and so was that of the carer.

Another old property had windows so high up that it was almost impossible for the patients to see anything outside. The smell in several of these homes was so strong it brought tears to our eyes.

Then we found a home where we could feel that mother’s best interests would be cared for. It has a large team of carers and an excellent, highly-qualified, leadership.

It is light and airy with large picture windows, patients have their own bedrooms and a nominated carer.

There is a nice garden and patients are taken out to visit places.

Because it is a home for patients with dementia there is a nurse on call at all times.

The food is cooked on the premises and is excellent home cooking.

There is rarely an unpleasant smell, and a splendid ratio of carers to patients; visitors are welcomed.

The staff, without exception, have been attentive and kind to her while firmly stopping her doing anything which might have her hurt herself or other patients.

They have kept the family in the picture at every stage of the illness and have given us the confidence to trust their judgment in matters personal and medical.

There are some awful nursing homes for old people. I have seen them, but mother is in a wonderful home and it is time we named and praised those homes which really do look after our elderly relatives.

The name of this home which has so lovingly cared for my mother for three-and-a-half years is Westgate House Nursing Home at Gayton.”

Name and address withheld by request
Friday, August 17, 2007